Daily Picture 2011-03-07

Still waiting for the real springtime to come. It´s still freezing during night. Today I can´t move around too much because my back is aching. Lumbago which is called ryggskott in Swedish and if you translate it literally it means something like “shot in the back” and sounds like an ambush. It is! In German it is called Hexenschuss, which means shot by a witch. Anyway, it usually disappears an fast as it comes. Today I had a slow walk in the Botanical Garden in Lund and found this remnant from last year: an artichoke, kronärtskocka in Swedish) and Cynara cardunculus in latin.




2 thoughts on “Daily Picture 2011-03-07

  1. Tack Flora! Jag ska försöka komma ihåg det. På spanska heter det lite tråkigt “dolor de espalda”.

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