Macro photography

I´m hooked on macro/close-up photography. I´ve been curious for some time and a couple of days ago I bought a macro lens. I´m a Canon fan and of course ended up buying a Canon EF 100/2,8L IS USM Macro 1:1. I was thinking 180 or 100/90 mm lens and looked at reviews of Sigma, Tamron and Tokina, apart from Canon. Canon´s 180mm lens was too expensive, so the final choice was between Sigma´s 180 and the one I bought – both roughly the same price. The extremely good reviews of Canon´s lens plus the fact that I´ll probably have more use of a 100mm lens for general purposes, e.g. portrait photography. So far, I am happy with my new purchase and the pictures come out nicely. Here are a few examples, macros and others:

In some of the photos I´ve used Photoshop for aligning and stacking photos of the same subject with different focal settings. I have never done that before and I learned that it worked nicely. I´ll be back with macro news!


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