Light Painting

Painting with light, which is a translation of the Greek words photos and graphos, sounds more poetic and artistic than photography. In the days of the pioneers Daguerre, Niépce and Talbot more than 170 years ago, the almost divine act of painting Nature with light, with the aid of copper plates, and later glass and celluloid coated with light-sensitive silver ions. It was a miracle! It was Painting with Light! It was also laborious bringing the developing laboratory in the field on a horse-drawn cart for the necessarily immediate processing. Not to mention exposure time up to 30 min.

In the digital era much of the glamour and hardship of photography is lost. We can take photographs in almost dark rooms without flash and with reasonably short exposures, no messing around with chemicals in the darkroom etc. The camera has become a computer! And the whole process has been computer-based. Some people call it the end of photography. I don´t agree! I think the most important part in photography is to compose and create an interesting picture. This has not changed with the introduction of the digital camera. It may be easier to fake pictures, but that is by no means something new. This said, I believe we can still paint with light!


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